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cable assemblies

Industry cable assemblies | PEWTRONIC s.r.o.

The production of industrial cables is our strong side, which is reflected in years of experience and maximum use of modern machinery. Cable assemblies based on serial connectors with crimped terminals, soldering or IDC connectors with covers of different degrees of protection.

We have experience with cables that are designed for medical technology, heavy industry with high heat and mechanical stress, cables for flexible and vibration-stricken connections, cables for measuring technologies, cables meeting specifications of military systems etc.

Here you can find inspiration for connectors that we normally keep in stock: Go to the e-STORE

In some cases, we need to solve the closure of the connector requiring increased moisture penetration protection or to provide a „smart“ branching of the cabling in a specific way. In these cases, we use the HotMelt low-pressure injecting technology, where we insert for example a USB connector with a cable to form and after form closing is injecting the THERMELT. In this way, we create a relatively opaque cover that fixes the cable very well and has very good mechanical and dielectric properties.

The specialty of our production is an economical solution of an injection mold suitable for industrial applications. The main innovation besed on the modular form we have developed, which can be modified simply by changing its parts. This option reduces the cost of mold making, which is crucial for practical use in small-scale production. Another successful step is an automated machine that reproduces this technology with a capacity of about 350 injections per shift.

You will find more detailed description incl. the approximate costs here: Go to the e-STORE

We can offer alternatively encapsulation in two-component polyurethane coating: Go to the e-STORE

Last update 30th December 2021

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