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Basic wire products | PEWTRONIC s.r.o.

We are offering machinery cuting of isolating tubes, solid wires, stranded wires, cables. Processing could include wire stripping of isolation, coiling, marking and packing for next industry manufacturing. This can also including wire shapening for PCB, terminal blocks etc. Form of manufacturing depend on asked volume of production. We can use for this a simple gadgets or sophisticated tool for presses.

We dispose with modern machinery by company SCHLEUNIGER and WDT build in three processing lines:

  • Capacity of each line is c. 1000 m of cable material per 45 minutes
  • We are able to provide automatic manufacturing stranded wires from AWG 36 (0,009 mm2) to AWG 5 (16 mm2) and cables diameter up to 15 mm and summary cross-section of copper wires up 25 mm2
  • We are able manufacture copper stranded wires and cables up to 95 mm2 with using strong cable winding machine as well as 7 ton presses
  • One cable line is modified to allows cutting even cable reinforced by kevlar or aramid fibres

You can choose suitable wire or cable in our catalogue: Go to the e-STORE

We also can offer machinery crimping of end sleeves, cable lugs, fast-on and crimping terminals. Our machines are equipped with stripping unit allows exact inserting wire into contact and it ensure our focus for very tiny terminals by following producers: MOLEX, JST, JAE, AMP (TE connectivity), LUMBERG etc.

Our increasing range of crimping contacts you find here: Go to the e-STORE

Last update 30th December 2021

Your certified partner acc. to ISO9001:2015, IPC-A-610 soldering standard and wiring harnesses UL subject 764 CSA. The company PEWTRONIC has great experience since 2003.