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and data assemblies

Coaxial and data assemblies | PEWTRONIC s.r.o.

We are specialize for coaxial cables with terminals, pigtails, jumpers, etc. and we are manufacturing leaders in the field of semirigid cables. We can automatically prepare cables diameter between 1 mm and 16 mm (1/2 „) and with special cutting heads up to 28 mm (7/8“). Our cable and connector connection technologies take into account the suppression of parallel capacities and / ideally impedance to fit the connector-cable assembly.  We can choose materials and technological steps that guarantee signal transmission in high frequency bands. We now offer measurement of HF parameters of our products on a calibrated vector analyzer up to the 20 GHz band.

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The mentioned above applies for the production of data and generally pair cables too. The years of support of the wholesale center has enabled us to study the technological solutions and needs of telecommunication and radiocommunication operators. Production includes multipair cables with 120 Ohm or 100 Ohm impedance, as well as common cables with modular connectors for data networks of all categories.

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Last update 30th December 2021

Your certified partner acc. to ISO9001:2015, IPC-A-610 soldering standard and wiring harnesses UL subject 764 CSA. The company PEWTRONIC has great experience since 2003.