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Complex manufacturing services | PEWTRONIC s.r.o.

Why cooperate with us? 

  • We realize the technological demands of this production, we do not underestimate any detail
  • We actively engage in our customers‘ projects, build on good communication and loyalty to our customers
  • We have years of manufacturing experience gained from diverse and demanding projects
  • We strictly keep rules of authorized quality management system according to ISO 9001
  • The soldering quality and permissible limits are assessed by IPC-A-610, the officially trained manager is part of the team
  • We have new and modern production facilities with controlled ventilation, monitoring and archiving of environmental parameters
  • We strictly adhere to working with ESD sensitive components exclusively in electronic protection areas (EPA)
  • We have high-quality machinery and trained personnel with long-term experience in the field of this business
  • We have backed up production capacity in case of forced shutdown of the production machine.
  • Our price offers are transparent and allows on-line back analysis by the customer himself
  • Production documentations are carefully managed and archived along with the entire business case

What can we offer to meet your project?

  • Development, prototyping of products and their certification in Czech Electrotechnical Testing Institute.
  • Very good technical background for electronics and mechanical assembly works
  • Ourself department of production of cable harnesses, which are usually part of every electronic device
  • Portfolio of quality subcontractors for structural and mechanical parts in our immediate vicinity
  • Sophisticated logistical system, own warehouses and pallet logistics for larger production volumes
  • Experienced staff of individual centers who are able to prepare appropriate production processes and co-operation across the entire project
  • Great experience in the manufacture of industrial automation devices, medical devices, military systems etc.

Our capabilities correspond to a medium-sized business and always depend on the complexity of the product and the proportion of automated operations in the total production volume. We prefer personal meetings with our customers where will all matters discussed.

Last update 30th December 2021

Your certified partner acc. to ISO9001:2015, IPC-A-610 soldering standard and wiring harnesses UL subject 764 CSA. The company PEWTRONIC has great experience since 2003.