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Specialized wholesale with telecommunication and radio communication material is focused on a delivery of cables, connectors, mounting equipment, grounding systems and other elements for modern communication technologies installation.

There are many paired, quad, supply, coaxial and data cables in our warehouse. As for the next there are also connectors for these cables, IDC systems, accessories for 19″ switchboards, material for cable installation, grounding sets for cables and connectors etc. Most of the material is from prestigious world producers and we are direct importers.

Some of the footage cables have our logo because they were made according to our design by cooperative producers or directly in our company. We have a copyright on these products and technical templates.

Reserve cables and connectors for Ericsson equipment, especially MINI-LINK C, E, TN etc., are our quite large specialization. Enclosed connectors and cables are marked and ready in a same state as original ones in a product catalogue.

Our customers are telecommunication service providers, companies dealing with communication technologies installation, producers of these technologies and end-dealers of data WiFi networks equipment etc. We provide our customers with a price offer of material and continuous supply of their projects, specific preparation of material in a form of mounting sets and preparation of cables with terminators for faster outdoor installation. Huge reserves in a warehouse enable immediate supplies. New and specific material is available according to producers.

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Your certified partner acc. to ISO9001:2015, IPC-A-610 soldering standard and wiring harnesses UL subject 764 CSA. The company PEWTRONIC has great experience since 2003.