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We are a specialized wholesaler of materials for telecommunications and radio communications with a focus on the supply of cables, connectors, installation equipment, earthing systems and other elements for the installation of modern communication technologies. Our range is newly supplemented by cables, connectors and their accessories for automation and general use in industry.

In our warehouses there are a plenty of wires, cables, cables: pair, quad, power, coaxial, data, hybrid, etc. Furthermore, connectors, adapters, custom accessories for 19 „cabinets, materials for cable installation, grounding kits, sealing materials, etc. In the assortment you will also find cables with terminations, which are custom-made by a team of professionals from the cable production center.

Spare cables and connectors for Ericsson devices, especially MINI-LINK C, E, TN, RBS, etc., are our a relatively large specialization. Connectors sets and cables are just as prepared and marked as the originals in the manufacturer’s product catalog.

We are the official representative of a major Italian brand of cables, connectors and mast installation accessories HARECA Srl. for the Czech and Slovak market. HARECA is the exclusive supplier for Ericsson Italy, Huawei Italy and Nokia

We are the official partner and importer of the Israeli cable company TELDOR Cables & Systems Ltd.

We are also importer of these brands:

RFS, Radio Frequency Systems – Coaxial cables, connectors, jumpers, antenna accessories
FIMO, FI.MO.TEC S.p.a.- Mast cable clamp systems and mounting accessories
SPINNER GmbH – Connectors, cables, antenna accessories, distribution elements 50 Ohm
Corning Cabelcon Aps – Coaxial connectors and accessories 50 Ohm
Quesy GmbH & Co. KG – Earthing sets for coaxial cables
ROSENBERGER – Coaxial connectors and cables
Telegärtner Karl Gärtner GmbH – Coaxial connectors
Ericsson – Cables and accessories

Our customers are telephone operators, telecommunications service providers, companies engaged in the installation of communication equipment, manufacturers of such equipment and end sellers of data network equipment, WiFi, etc. We offer customers a continuous supply of their projects, specific material preparation in the form of mounting kits and preparation of cables field installation. Large stock allows deliveries immediately, specific and new materials according to availability at the manufacturer.

The main catalog is our wholesale e-SHOP www.konektor-kabel.cz, which will provide you with most of the necessary information on the items listed, such as information on availability, price, technical parameters, recommended accessories, replacement material, etc. Through this portal it is possible to make a full an order, which is then automatically processed in our information system and enables its fast processing. This form of order is always preferred.

Last update 18th October 2020

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