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Printed Circuit Board (PCB) assembly price online calculator
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Last update: 30th October 2018
PCB characteristic
Quantity of PCBs in one board:
Length of PCB in mm:
Width of PCB in mm:
Semirigid PCB or hybrid PCB:
Definition of components
Form of assembly:SMDTHT
Quantity of various kinds components (SMT according to needed feeders, THT just kinds):
         There of SMD needed higher accuracy and visual inspection
         (0402, 0201, 01005, fine pitch circuits =< 0.65 mm distance of legs, BGA, QFP, QFN etc.)
         Quantity of various components:
         Summary quantity of components:
Quantity of all devices side TOP:
Quantity of all devices side BOT:
Quantity of solder points side TOP means THT devices placed from BOT side (components legs will soldered from TOP side): 
Additional services
Washing (Standard washing of PCBs in ultrasonic washer, rinses, drying):
Masking - quantity of pads or vieas should be protected againts solder tin:
Testing / Programing, presumed time in minutes:
Identification of PCBs (form of printed labels e.g. SN or Barcode):
Specific services as well as fixture of cooler, PCB separating etc., presumed time in minutes:

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